The new Alu-cab Gen3.1 Expedition Tent must be one of the best overlanding tents on the market. Its sleeker and more aerodynamic, giving the tent not only a better look but less wind drag.

  The Gen3.1 is lighter than its predecessor and wider internally by 100mm at the shoulders.

It has an aluminium outer casing and base which gives far less chance of cracking and can also be utilised to mount awnings, jacks and other offroad equipment. 

   The base and the roof of the tent is padded with polyethylene closed cell foam that not only adds comfort but significantly improves insulation as well. The tent opens and closes in seconds, with bedding remaining in place.

  There are nut slotted rails at the base of the tent that allow for easy installation, while a special mounting track along the tent roof allows for easy fitment to the Alu-cab load bars.

  There are several new features & improvements on the latest tent from Alu-Cab making your camping experience all that much more enjoyable.

  A new Led light is fitted to top with new high- & low-level output switch at bottom for that intimate dimmed light mood setting.

  The new series has a safer extendable ladder with wider rungs so that at all angles you still have a good wide safer platform for your foot to stand on, whereas the old ladder   platform got narrower as the ladder angle come became greater, so that your foot was standing on what was virtually an unsafe sharper edge that was murder on bare feet.

   The new ladder comes standard with the Gen 3.1 Tents.

 A condensation vent has been added so that the air stops water droplets forming. There can be quite a large amount of water when it is humid thus giving the impression that your tent is leaking.

   The new tent has different insulation inside & have gone from a woven material to a closed cell foam There is also anti condensation foam under the floor mat with an additional 10mm of insulation foam below that so that the mattress stays dry & the warmth is kept in the tent.

  The storage pockets are still in place & gives ample space for reading material, toothbrushes or whatever you need to stow.

  Also on offer is the standard 2 Cigarette lighter plugs & USB ports for 12-volt power needed for charging phones, cameras etc. An Anderson plug connecting cable has also been added so that you can pug in power from your car to the underside of the tent base.

   A great new feature is the tent access flaps which are larger now so that the ladder is covered giving you protection from the elements, no matter what side it is on. These are attached via Velcro with completed fitting instructions available from the Alu-Cab website.

  The new tent has gone from a black gloss to a matt black powder coat finish making it look very modern.

  The privacy flaps are now incorporated with flyscreen mesh, so you only roll up one item instead of 2.

  Another feature of the new Gen 3.1 tent is the extended top rails that now go the full length, but also has a slight change in direction where they have been extended. This is a great area to mount solar panels etc.

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