Text Box:   Welcome to Spring and all its wonderful colours and perfumes, warm days and cool nights and many bees making honey in the sunshine.
  It has now been 12 weeks since we have lost our son-in-law and although we are still reeling from disbelief, sadness and grief, we have loved staying with our daughter, helping her to deal with her grief while also distracting ourselves visiting the local areas of the Hunter Valley. It has been a devastating 12 weeks but we have met so many friendly, compassionate, caring people while dealing with this ordeal, it has reminded us that life in a small community has incredible benefits including the love, care and wonderful support from absolute strangers in all sorts of places. The Hunter has become our second home and we have loved being there as locals for the last few months.
  As spring emerges in the Hunter and the grape vines begin to bud burst, other trees and natives blossom and the whole area is lush, green and alive with bird and animal babies, there are so many activities and places to visit or just driving through the countryside seeing the amazing views. While wine is the main attraction in the Hunter Valley, we have discovered some incredible eateries with spectacular views to soak in while you enjoy a coffee, cake or just appease your hunger with a scrumptious lunch in the sunshine. In the current climate of Covid restrictions we did find it best to call ahead and ensure that there is a table for you!
  While our reasons for being in the Hunter were far from the norm, we can definitely recommend staying in this peaceful, scenic area for more than a night as the sights are astounding and the venues are everywhere; tucked away in the countryside and in small towns where you will see historic buildings, murals and eclectic collections of vintage and antique ‘stuff’!
  Enjoy this month’s stories as we give you a taste of the non-wine side of the famous Hunter Valley.
Rounded Rectangle: Welcome to Spring