Coliseum Antiques” is an incredible heritage listed store that is made up of 26 different dealers, all with a vast variety of stock ranging from  furniture,  ceramics,  glassware and crystal, jewellery, cutlery and crockery, collectables through to toys, vintage clothing, paintings & art deco  light fittings along with a quant café called Vincent’s that is open daily for breakfast & lunch.

  They also repair valve radios,  amplifiers, retro stereos /record players, vintage telephones, old lamps/ lights (rewiring) & vintage fans. Please feel free to contact them for a no obligation quote to repair your particular item.

  “Coliseum” was reopened in 2004 after the owners purchased the dilapidated structure in 2002 & faithfully restored  the building,  that was originally built by the Maley family in 1921 & ran as a mixed goods store,  to it’s former glory. The original stained glass windows were repaired & retained as was the beautiful wooden floorboards. The awning was rebuilt & the gorgeous pine shelving were kept for a finishing touch. The pressed metal ceiling came from a popular Newcastle department shop, “Winns” before it was turned into apartments.

  The beautiful refurbishment of the building resulted in the owner winning the Landcom  Lower Hunter  Heritage Award, ensuring that the Maleys  would look down in approval as the building is once again an iconic land mark in Mayfield West.

Visit our centre: 116/122 Maitland Road, Mayfield, NSW 2304

  Open 10am to 5pm, every day.

 Visit Coliseum


To some, the past is just that, & items from an era long gone are seen as junk  while others like us absolutely  adore looking through antique stores, marvelling at the craftsmanship that  went into making these treasures, ranging from cameras, glassware, fashion, furniture, jewellery & tools,  in fact  just about anything.

 Every store is different & who knows what priceless items  are to be found in the next box or by looking in another nook around the corner. Some are really laid out well, being  very inviting while others have items crammed  in so tight  that one is not game to move in the space between the displays.

 There are some  antique store  close to the Hunter area, with a few at East Maitland, Morpeth & many more closer to Newcastle. We managed to visit two in East Maitland, “Vintage on Melbourne” with their easily recognisable Green Morris Minor Ute  parked outside their incredible heritage terrace building, & a short walking distance away further along Melbourne Street there is “Rustic Antiques”. We found the staff  in both stores very friendly with a lovely store ambience with easily viewed items and plenty of room to move freely to explore the huge range of interesting items.

 We also paid a visit to the incredible “Coliseum Antiques” store in East Mayfield but had to cut our visit short due to heading home but will head back to the area to explore more of these enchanting stores when we return to the area shortly.

The “Morpeth Antiques Centre” was closed the day we went there so it has given us a reason to head there again.

 For a list of all the antiques stores near the Hunter Valley visit