Issue 10—Aug 2020

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  We apologise for  missing the  August edition of our magazine but have had to be with our daughter as she grieves the loss of her soul mate and husband who died tragically in a explosive car accident on July 5.

  We have been totally devastated by the loss of this beautiful, loving, caring, kind young man who brought such joy to our daughter and was an important and loved member of our family.

  Taken well before his time, it is a hole that will never be filled.

So much sadness has been brought to our family and it turns my thoughts to all those who have watched their loved one leave the house, never expecting it would be the last time they would ever see them.

With this in mind, please remember to make ever moment count, to be kind to those you love, to tell them every chance you get that you love them, are proud of them and that they are of great value to you and the world.

  Michael and I are so grateful that we shared so many great times with our son-in-law, creating long lasting memories by going with them on a holiday cruise and on trips to wineries and markets, sharing many fabulous meals he cooked for us along with the many laughs over silly things, spending weekends with him in their cosy home in the Hunter Valley. I am also grateful that I took the time to write all my loved ones a letter about how proud and loved and appreciated they were to me as I know that my son-in-law knew that I loved him and that he was special to me and loved.

  Don't wait for the right time as the right time is everyday!

  Tell those you love exactly that, as often and as much as you can!

A man  who loved  life, a gentle soul with a smile for everyone.  RIP mate.

Here is our pictorial tribute to the place he called Home. 

He loved his wife,  his friends, the land, animals  and life itself.

R.I.P. young man  you had a huge impact on everyone you met and will be sadly missed by many.  Here is to you. Cheers!