Issue 14—Dec –2020/ Jan –2021

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It is with great pleasure to be able to advise you that our good business friends at Azure Haven BnB are now open again as of the 10th December & taking bookings .

The 6ft Track follows an 1884  heritage horse trail passed cascading waterfalls, along the Megalong creek & onto the wider Coxs River

 Not really knowing what we were looking for as we had never been fossicking & armed with a small shovel, a plastic kitchen strainer, & lots of enthusiasm,  we headed off  to find our fortune.

While travelling around Tasmania some years ago I decided to visit the Penal Colony of the Port Arthur Historical site which is a fascinating place steeped in a dark past,

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There are more than 60 murals throughout the township of Kurri Kurri & surrounding area & have proved to be a real draw card with bus loads of people arriving regularly.

   Well, it is finally happened; the country has slowly begun to open again & people are emerging from lockdown, free to travel within most of Australia.

   December is upon us along with summer, which means warm weather, BBQs, beach visits with the family, swimming, boating, sailing, water-skiing, sailboard riding, surfing, diving, in fact anything to do with water.

  Others just pack up the car/caravan/trailer to head out on a road trip to see more of the “Lucky Country.”

  We have all been impacted in one way or other, either from the pandemic or the many other unforeseeable events of this year.

  Some faced personal tragedies with the loss of a family member as we did, leaving people to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. Others have had family members who lived overseas unable to be given a proper burial as there were so many people succumbing to “The Virus” that they were just placed into mass graves & their families unable to travel there.

  Many small businesses went to the wall from the pressures placed upon them & sadly closed their doors. Others are emerging vowing to give it another go.

  Now more than ever we must do the Australian thing, band together to help one another to regain normality back into our lives. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or to ask someone “Are you ok mate? Look out for those who cannot be with  loved ones, as they could be struggling, even though they might not be showing it.

  Please be careful on the roads as we would love to see you back in 2021 so that you can continue to enjoy the many stories that we will be bringing you from Feb on, in an exciting revamped Going Places with MSPhoto magazine.

  Vicki & I would love to wish you & your families a very Merry Christmas & may the New Year be full of joy & happiness, hopefully putting the horrors of 2020 behind us.

To our loyal advertisers & good friends in business thank you for your support & may you have a big year ahead to make up for this one which has tested us all.

Travel safe no matter where the road takes you, “What the world needs now is Love!”


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