Issue 13—November 2020

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We had decided to head out to Oberon to try finding our own fortune by fossicking for sapphires, zircons & gold  or any other gemstone/ precious metal that we happened to stumble upon.

Some people may think that the lookout at Echo Point where the Three Sisters can be seen, is the only spot that has the incredible scenery of the escarpments of the area. 

Custom designed, hand cut and hand painted individual letters, name rounds, floating names, words, inspirational quotes for kids and teens.

Wood Luck our newest advertiser.

The Malachi Gilmore Memorial Hall occupies a prominent position in the main street of Oberon. Its asymmetrical façade is a striking Inter– War art deco addition to the streetscape .

At Mayfield Garden Café  they use fresh and local produce in all their menu items, serving delicious fresh home cooked meals and snacks.


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The Common Ground is a great place to stop for an excellent coffee or a nourishing meal. The staff are friendly, courteous, professional and efficient. 

If walking the iconic 6ft track is not your thing then try the easy driving track which starts near  the Great Western Highway at Little Hartley.

  Well,  the weather is certainly giving us all seasons and it looks like the heat will be back again this summer so be prepared by clearing all the debris from around your home and keep the hoses handy. Even so, whatever Mother Nature sends our way, the weather (rain or sunshine) is cause for enjoyment: walks, swims, flower blossoms, new babies, refreshing breezes and fresh air. I was excited to see Flannel Flowers ( protected Australian native Flower) along the roadside on our recent drives in the Hawkesbury region which is wonderful as I haven’t seen these growing wild since I was a young girl.

  As we near the end of the year, I have been thinking back to all the unusual months we have all endured and decided that I have survived the lockdown and the panic of this pandemic by being sensible, calm and logical. My beautiful friends have also been key to my continued positivity and happiness as we kept in touch with each other the whole time via Zoom coffee meetings, phone chats, letters / cards and now we meet in person in outdoor tables at cafes to catch up, while also keeping the local small businesses in business!

  I have been reminded almost daily that if we look with gratitude at the great things in each of our lives then our whole being and outlook stays positive and happy, and the negativity is non-existent.  Do you stop each morning when you wake and think of all the things in your life that you should be grateful for – even the tiniest things can make us feel uplifted if we think about how grateful we are to have / experience / see them.

  See if this works for you – each morning when you wake up write down five things that you are grateful to have in your life that makes your day positive and wonderful, then see in a month whether your soul is feeling happy and joyous!

I am grateful for all the people who read our magazine each month and hope it brings them happiness and joy.

Happy November everyone!

Port Arthur Penal Colony Historical site which is a fascinating place steeped in a dark past, something that is in direct contrast with the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

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