Issue 11—September 2020

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  It is nearly 12 months ago that we started this magazine. We are currently working on  our October issue in which we will look at the Hunter Valley and the surrounding area to see what there is on offer.

  Granted that lots of people head to the area for the wine,  but there are many other things in & around the area to suit everyone’s tastes in entertainment.

  There is the Aviation museum in Luskintyre where they restore Tiger Moth aircraft,  great little cafes, fantastic drives through forests,  cooling  swimming holes,  $1million  views, clear night skies away from the light pollution of cities for some astro photography. There are some great little  antique shops for that treasure that you have been looking for.

  To top things off , the area is steeped in history with many old buildings and structures to show us what life was like back in the 19th century.

  We even found the Luskintyre Bridge that was used in the movie Tomorrow when the war began. 

  It has been a strange year that many would rather forget but we must stay positive. We have grown  from 1500 hits for the first issue up to a staggering  11,222  for March & holding steady at 6500 for the subsequent months. Not bad but there is room for development. 

  Hopefully we can improve on these figures  & continue to bring you stories of people & places in the new year. We have started introducing videos as well as photos & stories and will look at using more videos in future editions.

  Google has advised us that our photos have been viewed 272,000 times. WOW!

  Unfortunately we had some interesting people lined up for interviews but they had to cancel in the light of what has been happening but we will endeavour to follow up on these so that you can read their incredible stories.

 To our loyal advertisers thank you for sticking with us, please visit their websites via our back page so that you too can experience their great service & products.

  Stay tuned for our anniversary edition out soon .